Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Laundry Lottery!

I'm a day late this week. Yesterday was chopped full of errands that had to be run, and I had no time left to do laundry, as well!

No harm done, though, I'm just stuck well into it today.

This week's "winnings"?

Well, here ya go!

I "won" an empty Lifesaver wrapper, a Lifesaver still in it's wrapper, some artificial maple leaves and one additional thing. *shudders* Look closely at the red-toned maple leaf. See that little crescent shaped thing on it? Uh-huh *nods* it is exactly what it looks like. A toenail. Left in a pocket. For ME to discover. As you can imagine there was MUCH dancing around and "EEEWWWWWWWing" at this find. Two hours later I'm still not amused.

Also for your amusement I give you an adorable boxer posing for, what I believe, to be the Miss October spread for Playdog magazine. I know it looks staged, but I swear she did this all on her own!

1 comment:

kreachr said...

Ooh your goggie is so cute!! I love boxers, they're beautiful.

btw - gross toenails? I get DH's everywhere - he doesn't even bother putting them in his pocket! Nor his chewed up toothpicks. Men are gross!!