Thursday, January 21, 2010

Helping Haiti Heal

I've been asked to donate a prize to the Helping Haiti Heal Telethon that's taking place this Saturday, January 23rd, at 2:00PM EST. You can read more about it here.

My offering is for a scarf in the House of the winner's choice, and will be mailed out 4 weeks after I receive the winner's choice and details. Several of the other Crafty Witches from The Leaky Cauldron have also offered up their wares; a set of House themed bookscarves from Jo Anne (a.k.a JavaStix), a custom made Molly Weasley Chamber of Secrets sweater from Mary (a.k.a Dragonsinger), and a lapghan in your choice of 4 designs from Amber (a.k.a. hp5freak). These are some talented ladies, folks, so if you'd like to own a little piece of Crafty Witch goodness I'd like to encourage you to donate to the cause and see if you win!

The HP Alliance is also still looking for donations, so if you have something to contribute please get in touch with them at

If you'd like to help out, but can't donate anything, then please tweet "We're Helping Haiti Heal - learn about a huge fandom event happening Sat. from 2PM-6PM ET! #hhh", post it as your Facebook status, just anything to help spread the word!

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