Sunday, August 29, 2010

Omigosh, will it ever SLOW DOWN?

I feel like I'm in a blender right now! My days have been, since school started back, at least 17 hours long. I fall into bed and immediately slip into a coma then I'm back up and at 'em in what feels like 2 minutes. Today was supposed to be a lie-in day for me, but the hubby woke up and hour and a half late for work, causing a nuclear melt-down in the getting ready process. As soon as my feet hit the floor I was dashing about getting his coffee, making sure he had cash/wallet/keys/etc., and trying to calm him. Now he's at work, and I'm wide awake. Sheesh, the things we do for the men we love, eh?

I've been fairly decent about keeping the blog updated with my book reviews as I finish reading, thanks entirely to Goodreads' blogger interface. It makes it a one-click update and, let's face it, that is really handy! Speaking of which, if you have a Goodreads account make sure and friend me! Along the crafty lines, however? Yeah, I get a major fail on that one. So let's get you up to date!

I've managed to finish very few projects this summer. See the title of this post for the explanation. I've created a next pattern in my Hogwarts House fingerless mitt collection, R is for Ravenclaw. The mitts have been test knit, but I've yet to write out the pattern. Perhaps some rainy day...

My first portable project that I took with me to my youngest's nightly football practices is finished. I knit a pair of Bellatrix socks in Hufflepuff yarn, which was absolutely delightful! The socks aren't too bad, either ;)

I'm also working on a secret project. Well, secret from the hubby, anyways. Remember that quilt I was making for my youngest's bed? Well, my hubby adores it. He's been dropping hints for month about how he'd love to have one of his own. Cue the proverbial light bulb over the head. I'm making him his very own quilt for Christmas. It's been a problematic project. I can only work on it when 1. He's at work; and 2. I've got free time at home. See the problem? Because of that I picked out a super simple pattern, Victoriana Quilters' Easy Beginner's Rail Fence. Today, since I'm up anyways, I actually get to start sewing the 6 1/2" squares together to form the 12" squares!

Well, that's about it for me! Time is of the essence, and I hear the coffee pot and the sewing machine both calling for me!!


Bobbi said...

I adore the Ravenclaw mitts! I can't wait to knit up my own pair.

Super Jenn! said...

Oh, thanks so much! I'll try to get it written up quickly...pinky swear!!