Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Declutter Zone

That's where I found myself early on this morning. Really 6:20AM early. I looked at the stack of old magazines and catalogs and just freaked out. Suddenly I was sorting, throwing away, separating by date. In other words it was ON!

Once I had purged the main living area of the house, though, the sinus pressure I had woken up with had reached a point where my head was throbbing along to the beat of my heart. Suckage, right? Still in purge mode, but needing to rest, I had an epiphany! Stuffed in my bedroom closet were a quartet of lap-size afghans, all in different WIP status.

The first (the bottom one pictured) is finished, just needs a home.

Number 2 is a stack of 10 squares I received in a swap. I got discouraged when I was flaked on by 2 members, and the moderators chose to tell we that didn't receive all of our squares to just make them ourselves, rather than them finding angels. So I have to knit 2 squares, then join all 12 together and border it. This one will be the most time consuming.

The third is my Scrappy. It's just a rectangular Granny square afghan to eat up all of those little balls of yarn we all have left when we finish project. It's almost large enough, so I'm going to stash bust a couple of bits and bobbles (enough for about another 10 rounds), then border it.

The last is complete save for crocheting & joining 2 squares, then bordering the entire thing.

So that's what I'll be doing in my downtime this weekend, trying to propel as many of these to finished status as I possibly can. After that they'll all be given to my local Ladies' Auxiliary, who will in turn hand them out at local veterans' homes this autumn.

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