Monday, November 22, 2010


It's almost over, and I'm right on target. So far this month I've knit 24,484 stitches. My goal is 30,000. As I've got a seemingly never ending list of Christmas crafting to do this year there should be no problem fitting in the rest of the stitches.

This past week I finished one WIP, and completed two new projects. The WIP was my Dierdre Afghan, that had been hibernating in a closet since January of 2008. It's now finished and waiting to be wrapped up as a gift for my MIL. It's shown folded so that you can see the neat "weaving" on the reverse side.

Saturday I finished up my Cozy Cowl, a new project and a gift for one of my youngest son's Sunday school teachers. It's a gorgeous knit, and I'd really love to have one for myself....I foresee another on the needles one day this winter when I'm snowed in on this mountain!

Yesterday I cast on and knit a beanie for my father, who recently had his long locks chopped off for donation to Locks of Love, hence the project name of Lost Locks Warmer.

Dad usually does this hair donation every other year, but said that his hair drove him so crazy this time that he thinks it was his last time. A bit sad, really, as I'm so used to seeing him with a ponytail at this point.

This morning I hope to cast on a pair of Mobile Mittens, by Maria Moesby, for match the beanie, of course. I need to have them done by Thanksgiving, however, as his birthday falls on Turkey Day, itself, this year and the set will be his gift from me.

Now that I'm done updating on my crafting progress I guess there is nothing more to do but sing off and get back to it! Everyone have a wonderful Monday...and make sure it includes some chocolate!

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