Wednesday, January 19, 2011

365 Days of Positivity - Day 18

Day 18 was one of those days where a positive is hard to come by. I felt pretty run down and crappy, thanks to an abundance of sinus congestion. I was so overtired that I couldn't rest. It was just a grumpy day.

In fact, it's taken me going over each step of my day to find a positive and, once I found it, it didn't seem to be a positive at first. You see, it rained all day. That was my positive. You probably think I'm nuts, stating that I was grumpy and then saying that the rainy day was my positive; but, there was a good reason for it! It's been a harsh winter for us, so far. We haven't, thank God, had FEET of snow to deal with, but we have had almost constant snowstorms...all with at least 4 inches of accumulation. West Virginia is very mountainous, so it's a lot harder to travel in snow here than it is somewhere relatively flat. The rain yesterday was beneficial. We have another snowstorm rolling in sometime between now and Friday, with an estimated 2-5 inches expected, and yesterday's rain managed to wash away the remnants of the last snow storm (mostly THICK ice) before it hit. As we're leaving Sunday for a trip to Cincinnati, and I'm doing all of the driving due to the hubby's driving foot being in a surgical boot, the less ice-under-snow I have to deal with, the better! I guess what I'm really saying is thank you, God, for having my back...even when I'm too grumpy to realize it at first!

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