Sunday, January 16, 2011

365 Days of Positivity - Days 13,14&15

Day 13's positive was finding within myself the strength to push past my tiredness and accomplish something that I thought I couldn't. It was just something small, but the feeling was incredible! We've had a lot of snow and ice this year, so I spent over an hour and a half clearing two tracks down our gravel driveway down to the gravel. If you've ever shoveled snow you'll be thinking that this was easy...but I challenge to to deal with 4 inches of snow and 2 inches of ice under said snow, all with gravel underneath that has to stay on the driveway! It was one of the single most labor-intensive things I've ever had to do; but I persevered and it feels GREAT!

Day 14's positive was a reaffirmation that honesty really IS the best policy. We're leaving in a week to go to Cincinnati. My youngest child is having a pretty major surgery performed. Friday brought with it an invitation for a sleep-over at his best friend's house. My hubby and I both agreed that we had to say no - if our son would happen to fall ill or be injured this close to the surgery it would be cancelled - but had NO clue how to do it without hurting his mom's feelings. I forced myself to be forthright. I simply told her that we couldn't take a chance on him getting sick or hurt, and that he was pretty much under lock & key until he was recovered from his surgery. To my surprise she not only didn't get angry, she said that she's do the same thing! Lesson learned. Always go with the truth. ALWAYS.

Day 15's positive was a fun-filled evening of chili, baked potatoes, doughnuts, and Wii spent with my parents. My poor hubby has been so confined since his surgery, and was in desperate need of seeing faces other than people that lived with him. He asked me to invite my parents out for dinner, who were all too happy to oblige. We had an epic 100-Pin Bowling tournament - which my father won - ate, laughed and loved. It was a wonderful evening!

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