Saturday, January 8, 2011

365 Days of Positivity - Days 7&8

I missed yesterday, but I had a good excuse....HONEST! My excuse is my positive, too. How's that for confusing? You see, my hubby had a mass removed from his foot yesterday, so my day was filled with me playing Madam Pomfrey. The positives of this are:
  1. The surgery was text book, with no complications.
  2. My hubby is home with me, safe and sound, in very little pain.
  3. The doctor told me that the biopsy was just a technicality, and that he feels sure that the mass was NOT malignant.
  4. Once he gets through recovery, his foot pain will be gone.
So, there. Does that let me off the hook for being a day late?

Now for today's positive. Today I installed new Roman Shades in my living room windows - hardware and all - BY MYSELF! A sense of accomplishment AND new shades? WIN-WIN!!

Plus, I made a set of Cushy Crutch pads for my hubby's crutches. Just making short trips to and from the bathroom was making his underarm area raw and sore, and putting more weight on his hands to relieve the pressure under his arms was just going to cause another issue, so I grabbed some super bulky yarn and set to work. 45 minutes later - including installation - he was good to go! These babies are my own pattern, and will be going in my Etsy store A.S.A.P.!

So that's it, my positives for the past 2 days. Not bad. Not bad, at all!

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Ramblings of a Plum said...

I hope all is well now since his surgery!