Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh, hi! Remember me?

Yeah. My "Days of Positivity" kind of dropped off there. I still had them...pinky swear...I was just too consumed to post them!

Days of Positivity 22-41 all center around the hubby and my youngest son. You probably don't remember, but my hubby had foot surgery on January 7th. Well, my son had a reconstructive surgery done on this throat on January 25th. Almost 5 hours away from home. My time has been consumed with caring for them, catering to their needs (and a ton of their wants), and just focusing on getting them better. As you'd imagine, that's where ALL of my missing positives come from. Every step in the healing process, every tiny change, was a reconfirmation that I was doing my job, and doing it well. The hubby is now back to work, kiddo starts school back full-time on Monday (he went 1/2 days this week to ease himself back in), and life can start to resemble something normal like...for us, anyway.

Now to move on to Day of Positivity 42. That would be today. I woke up this morning with plans. I was going to get ready, do a little mandatory grocery shopping, take kiddo to Kohl's to buy him some new spring clothes while I had a good coupon, take him to lunch, and exchange a box of damaged laminate flooring that we just bought to put in our bedroom. Then I walked out of my bedroom and discovered the following:
  1. I am, apparently, the ONLY person in this house that can put a dish in the freaking dishwasher.
  2. My cats, angry that we were gone for another entire day, after just recently being gone for almost a week, decided to use the entire main portion of my house as their personal litter box. All the while ignoring their ACTUAL litter boxes.
  3. No one, myself included, had bothered to pick up after themselves when we stumbled in at 11PM last night...leaving me with a State of Emergency in the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  4. My hubby had decided to take MY vehicle to work, without discussing it with me first, effectively stranding me at home. I would've gladly allowed him to take it and changed my plans, but to take it without even discussing it with me? That sucks.
As you can imagine, I needed a M-A-J-O-R happy intervention...and I said as much on Twitter. Two of my tweeps came to my rescue, and completely salvaged my mood and day. Wanna see how?

So, to wrap things up the house is STILL refusing to clean itself...UBER thanks to Kim & Sarah, for giving me today's positive...and rescuing my family from EVILJenn this evening!

Hugs & chocolate~


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