Saturday, March 26, 2011

Goodreads | Review - Rosie Meadows Regrets, by Catherine Alliott

This book started out a little slow for me. I wasn't entirely sure where it was going...disgruntled housewife wants a divorce, fantasizes about offing her husband, then...WHAM!...the prat up and dies by the very means she chooses in her fantasy! From that point on I was hooked.

Shockingly I was not "in on" the final outcome in this story. There was no real foreshadowing, which was brilliant! When everything started rolling together at the end of the story I was surprised and I think, perhaps, that this is what made this story to exceptional.

Long story short? This story was charming, witty, engaging, and hilarious. Poor Rosie stumbles and bumbles her way through life like a real woman, making a myriad of mistakes each day that she finds herself too mortified to correct. She's endearingly screwed up, and I found it refreshing that (for once!) the heroine had NO clue what she wanted from her life...just that it was something different than what she had. I can't wait to read more of Alliott's books...I hope that they are all as captivating as this one.

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