Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whatcha Workin' On?

Well, first off, I'm still working on my Venetian Vampires scarf. It's been slow going, a lot of frogging, and even a day to dry out after my boxer stole it off the front porch while I was distracted and unwound the skein of yarn all over the front yard...through the mud...around the flower beds...yeah. You get the picture. I'm still pleased with it, though, and hope to make more progress on it this week.

I've got a friend getting married in April, so I've also had to start an afghan for her. Susan, if you're reading this AVERT YOUR EYES, GIRL!! I found this delicious little pattern on Ravelry, and immediately fell in love. It's called Popcorn Delight, by Aurora Suominen, and can also be found on her blog One Crochet Day at a Time. I'm using Red Heart Super Saver in Burgundy, and an I/9 hook, so my squares are coming out a little larger than 12"....about 13.5". I'm thinking 12-15 squares, joined in Priscilla Hewitt's Flat Braid Joining Technique. I have until the end of April to finish this project, but I'm still going to try to crank out a square a day to make it a little easier. If I accomplish that I may even try to add a fancy li'l border around it...we'll see.

Now I just have to convince myself not to start any new projects until I finish these if!

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