Sunday, August 14, 2011

The VJay-Jay Dialogue

Been a while since I posted on this blog, huh? Life just gets sometimes, you know? *sigh* Wouldn't it be great if we could just always have time for everything that means something to us? Sadly, as a wife and mother, I've had to come to terms with the fact that my life will not truly belong to be for several more years...if ever. It's okay, I guess. I just wish I could carve out a little more time to focus on my things. get to the point of this post. The hubby and I were just sitting on the couch relaxing for a minute. We usually try to have a little lazy time on Sunday mornings to clip coupons from the paper and just talk. Today, though? We have 13 people coming to the house in a little more than two hours so he clipped the coupons while I put cupcakes in the oven and made everything bagels for everyone's breakfast. After I sat down I started looking through the remnants of the coupon inserts, and happened across a coupon that was left behind for Playtex. I thought you all might get a giggle out of the conversation that followed:

ME: Honey, if a coupon says Kotex, Playtex, Tampax, Always, or Stayfree ALWAYS cut it out. That crap is expensive!

HUBBY: Well, it's confusing! I don't know know...ummmm...size...ummmmm...or anything.

ME: *jaw drop* Huh?

HUBBY: You know, they come in sizes, right?

ME: Yes. But the coupons aren't "size specific". It's not like the coupon says, "Save $1.00 NOW on Playtex, I'm A 'Ho & Need A Plug the Size of A Telephone Pole, Brand Tampons"!

HUBBY: *LOLOLOLOL* That'd help, though...'cause a single guy could just go to the store and wait for a girl to pick up a box of "This VJay-Jay is Just Right" size.

ME: *headdesk*

Okay, now that I've made you spew coffee, I'm off to finish cleaning my bathroom before the company gets here.

Happy Sunday, all!


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