Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am NOT a morning person....and, MUSIC MONDAY! (on Tuesday)

Yesterday marked the beginning of the youngest kiddo's third week back to school. Being a notorious night owl I find myself, quite predictably, dragging, lagging, and almost forcibly having to drag myself out of bed in the mornings. Since Kiddo's bus picks up prior to 7AM this had made getting a healthy breakfast crammed down his throat a difficult, and sometimes dangerous (Seriously, me operating a stovetop BEFORE coffee? That is the definition of dangerous!), activity.

In typical Super!Jenn fashion I turned to my ever trusty companions, Google and Pinterest, to save myself from possible dismemberment and death. The result? CROCKPOT BREAKFASTS!! I am LOVING some of these ideas that I've found lately. This morning's treat du jour? Apple Pie Breakfast...which was actually HEALTHY! Steel cut oats, apples, 100% apple juice, and water. A sprinkle of brown sugar in each bowl and MMMMMMMMMM!

A little side note, though: I read a lot of comments left by people whose oatmeal burned and/or hardened. To circumvent this I used my crockpot as a double boiler. Prepare the ingredients in a bowl that will sit easily inside your crockpot. Place either a couple of balls of foil or a canning jar ring in the bottom of the crock pot, sit the bowl inside, fill the crock pot with water until a little over half of the bowl is submerged. Then just cook overnight, and VOILA!

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Now for my Music Monday Tuesday. (See? I told you I was dragging and lagging!) Did you know that ZZ Top released a new album in June? *nods* Yep! I love these guys! Sure, their music is predictable, but you know what else? It's predictably GOOD. Here's one of the songs from Texicali (the new album)..."I Gotsta Get Paid". Oh, and the album is less than $5 over on iTunes, so go BUY it already!!

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