Friday, January 4, 2013

Review: Searching for Arthur

Searching for Arthur
Searching for Arthur by Donna Hosie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I rated this book yesterday; however, I was on my Kindle Fire and wanted to wait until I could sit quietly and type to post the review.

This book is, to sum it up in one word, WONDERFUL! At the very beginning I was worried. The start of the book was somewhat similar to the recent Disney Channel movie "Avalon High". By the end of the first chapter I was very pleased to be wrong. There is action, mystery, romance, intrigue. There are knights, insanity - though I've yet to determine whether said insanity is factual or perceived by the sufferer - , dragon attacks, and time travel. The pacing is such that I can easily see even the reluctant readers among us having no problems keeping the pages turning. The characters are well-developed, and the fact that the author manages to allow the reader to feel as if they know the character without bogging them down with drawn out back stories is quite enjoyable. To put it simply? I felt that I got to know the characters much as I would had I met them in real life, adding a "chapter" - so to speak - every time a new kernel of information was granted.

I was also delighted to find that this book deviated from one of my pet peeves of stereotypical self-published works - rampant grammatical errors. There were some questionable spellings; however, that could be attributed to the book being written from a Welsh perspective, rather than an English or American one. As much as I sang the praises of Ms. Hosie's unique method of character development in the last paragraph, I found myself feeling a bit empty in regards to the heroine's character. I just wanted to feel a little closer to her, I think. Perhaps have been given a bit more insight into what makes her tick.

All in all this book is a must buy, worth much more than the paltry $3.99 price on it. Immediately after finishing it I purchased the second book in the series and am now a little over the halfway point with it. I now find myself hoping that the wait for the third book isn't very long - I'm not sure I could bear it!

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