Sunday, November 9, 2008

One goal met, one failure

And of course I'm focusing on the failure. The fact that I didn't get around to doing my Tai Chi workout. Yes, I got 10 loads of laundry done. Yes, I cooked chicken enchiladas and refried beans for the guys. Yes, I got the bathtub scrubbed to a shine. Yes, I got quite a bit of work done on my grandmother's bed jacket.

I didn't, however, accomplish the one thing that I wanted to do that was for me. Therein lies the problem. I have no problem pushing my nose to the grindstone when it comes to doing things for others. It's all too easy for me to look past what I wanted to do for me, though. To ignore it and not get it done. Then I'm left all teary, bleary and defeated and everyone else is happy. This is the balance issue that I'm facing. I just can't seem to figure how to matter to myself. How to make time to do the things that are important for me and ONLY me.

If anyone out there has any helpful hints - please share them. I'm at a loss.

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