Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food Journal (3/26/2009)

I got slammed with a horrible allergy attack last night, and was short a point. I also didn't get enough water in. I happen to get up every morning and jump on the Wii Fit, so I now know for a fact what not eating enough can do. One day of not eating enough calories, or drinking enough water, and I put on .4 pounds. Seriously, folks! That just amazes me, that one day can cause almost 1/2 a pound of weight gain. I'm not upset - this allergy attack is not pleasant and I did the best that I could - I'm just kind of shock & awed.

Needless to say I've been chugging my water all day today, even if I don't feel like it!

1 bowl apple & cinnamon oatmeal
3 egg whites
8 oz. coffee
2 Tbsp. non-dairy creamer
2 tsp. sugar

Lunch (8)
1 turkey club sandwich
1 cup Progresso Chicken Vegetable Rotini soup
100 Calorie Snack Packs Sun Chips
1 cup grapes

Dinner (10)
1 smoked turkey chimichanga
1 cup tomato avocado salad
2 Tbsp. light sour cream

Evening Snack (3)
8 oz. coffee
2 Tbsp. non-dairy creamer
2 tsp. sugar

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