Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Uplifting Message from Mother Nature . . .

So we all know that life goes on - even when we really don't want it to. It's been a hard week for me, I'm suffering a lot over the loss of Lady and focusing on the positive and uplifting has been near impossible. I'm driving myself crazy, not to mention those that have to deal with me in any capacity - so I'm drawing myself up short. Yes, Lady is gone. Yes, I miss her like crazy. Yes, I fully recognize the fact that this will be for quite some time.

It's also time for me to realize, however, one simple fact. Loss is essential to life the same way that new growth is. Case in point? My garden. Every fall/winter everything goes away. All the beauty browns and fades, leaving behind a shallow imprint of what was. Then spring comes, and with it a burst of new growth that is as essential as air. This dawned on me this morning as I was coming back in the house from taking Bradley to school. I looked to the left of the porch as I prepared to climb the stairs and was struck by the beauty of the bright, spring green shoots on my pine shrub with rain drops glistening on them.

So, I've taken a few pictures. It's amazing just how much brighter everything seems now that I've done this. It's as though, by taking the time to appreciate what Mother Nature has placed before me, I've also created a cleared path to a new chapter in my life. While I don't expect everyone to find hidden meaning in pictures of plants I still thought some of you may appreciate the beauty that is spring, so decided to share. Enjoy!

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