Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recipe Review!

Last night I had a strange thing happen; the hubby was working late, the 17-YO was staying at a friend's house, and the 9-YO ate dinner at the birthday party he went to - leaving me able to cook something JUST FOR ME! Can you believe it?

I'm not a vegetarian, but were it not for the house full of carnivores that I live with I probably would be. I'm just not a big meat fan. We have "Vegetarian Tuesday" at our house, but even then I have to be very careful to choose something that the boys will all eat and fell satisfied eating. Now here I am, for once able to cook something that I'd been wanting to try for a LONG time. The problem? The list is lengthy.

After a little debate, and a lot of cupboard checks for ingredients, I decided on an Artichoke & Red Pepper Frittata. It was DIVINE! I think I was a little heavy-handed on the crushed red pepper, but other than that it was the perfect dinner. I added a little garden salad with some light creamy caesar dressing, and some white merlot (as a fritatta is just too delicate for standard merlot, for me).

I would most definitely recommend this recipe to anyone and everyone!

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