Friday, September 25, 2009

Because sometimes you've just gotta laugh!

Last night at football practice my 9-YO got invited to a birthday party for this evening. Not much notice, but this was his BFF, so I knew right away what to run out and grab for him.

This morning found me done in Dick's Sporting Goods and entering Hallmark on a buyer's high, as I'd found the exact thing I wanted and gotten a GREAT deal on it. I found the card I wanted, and headed over to grab a pack of yellow and blue tissue paper. To get to the tissue paper I had to walk past the register kiosk, at which an elderly lady was admiring a rack of beaded bracelets. Not paying much attention, I simply walked behind her. Of course that was when she decided to stop looking at the beads and go back to shopping, but she was still looking at the beads rather than where she was going. CRASH!!

You got it, we collided - and not gently. Then, to make matters the absolute worst that they could get, she reaches out to steady herself and ends up using my right boob to do it! I knew that she had meant to grab my arm, of course, so there was no danger to her, but it seemed to paralyze her! She just stood there, her hand honking my ta-ta, red in the face, muttering about how sorry she was. *shakes head* To break contact, I had to step away from HER and tell her no harm, no foul.

Seriously, am I the ONLY person that this stuff happens to?

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kreachr said...

Nearly wet myself laughing at this post! I'm sorry about what happened, but OMB how hilarious!! Poor you :-P