Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christmas in July?

Yes, it's a real thing. For a crafter on a budget, at least. July rolls around, and with it an internal clock with an alarm set to what I refer to as "panic mode".

Every crafter knows this alarm. It always hits early in July. You'll wake up one morning, roll over, and then the bells and whistles sound. You sit up in bed, eyes wide, pulse racing, and think to yourself "Oh crap, Oh Crap, OH CRAP! I only have 5 months to get stuff made for EVERYONE!! What am I going to make for the kid's teacher? The mail delivery person? My Mom? EGADS, what about my MIL?! I'm never going to please HER!!" And, thus, it begins. The rabid internet searches for patterns, digging through the stash to see what you have versus what you need to have, and (finally, yet always much later than you wanted) the actual starting of the crafting.

Me? I've done the searches and the stash stock. That leaves the digging in and getting started. I've got a new pattern being test knit on my needles right now (want a sneak peek?), then I'll be getting started. I woke up this morning and saw a massive influx of queuing in my friends' activity tab on Ravelry, so I'm guessing that my panic alarm was a tad bit early this year. I can't help but feel a little excited by this...maybe that means that THIS year will be the year that I actually manage to accomplish everything I need to! As for the rest of you crafters out there? I hope that your Christmas in July is filled with luck and prosperity this year.

Hugs & plenty of chocolate~


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