Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've gone and done it, this time! I've managed to wear my body down to the point that I came down with pneumonia. I've never had it before, and let me tell you it is SO NOT FUN! During my sick time my hubby has been a gem. He's gone in late to work to keep me from taking our youngest to the school bus in the mornings. He's made sure I've had food, drinks, medicines, humidifiers, tissues, blankets, etc., all gathered around me in a little circle of love when he left for work. He's done the grocery shopping. The cleaning. The laundry. The cooking. Cared for our youngest. Waited on me hand and foot. All while he, himself, is in pain.

You see, my hubby is awaiting foot surgery on BOTH feet. He has herniated arches that fat deposits are seeping through, leaving the bottom of his feet looking and feeling like he has marbles under his skin. He has one large nodule on his left foot, but his right foot has 6 or 7 of the nasty little bludgers. The surgery can't be performed, however, until said nodules quit growing. Leaving my darling husband in a constant state of pain. His doctor has given him a strong anti-inflammatory prescription, but there is nothing that will help with the pain. Oh, and did I mention that my hubby is also on his feet for his entire 13 hour shifts at work, often walking over 10 miles during that shift? Yeah, poor guy, huh?

So, I got to thinking this morning about how wonderful he's been to me while I've been down for the count. I wanted to do something for him to try to take care of him, though I knew that I was impaired physically by my illness. Then I remembered the one lonely sock at the bottom of my project bag that I designed for him over a month ago. A thick, cushy, worsted weight pair of socks...ribbed for optimum fit and comfort. In the colors of his choice. As is usual when knitting socks I flew through the construction of the pattern and the first sock, then shoved newer, brighter projects to the front burner. EUREKA! What better way to show him that he's appreciated than by putting HIM first? So around 10:45 this morning I grabbed my supplies and set to work...and around 30 minutes ago I finished weaving in the ends. I may still be down and out, but by golly gee my hubby is going to have soft comfort for his tootsies when he gets home tonight!

Oh...and dear hubby? When you read this, like I know you will...I love you. Thank you for taking care of me, and for showing me (yet again!) that marrying you all those years ago was a very wise decision, indeed.

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Kathryn Young said...

What an awesome guy!!!