Monday, March 14, 2011

New Etsy Listing - Trinity Beaded Book Thong

Whether exemplifying the three stages of a woman's life - Maiden, Mother, & Crone - or symbolizing Christianity's Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost, the Triquetra holds a long and fascinating power. It is a symbol that calls to me; to be honest it draws me like the proverbial moth to the flame. This crocheted, beaded book thong was created using metallic silver thread. The tail has a few black threads running through it, to match the glass beads in the center of the symbol. One piece of the tail thread is beaded with yet another black glass bead and is flanked top and bottom by two clear beads. The book thong measures 16" (40.64 cm), and the Triquetra symbol is 2.75" square (6.985 cm). The cord is a long, crocheted chain thin enough to fit snugly in the book without causing any misshaping.

This item is available for $7.00 UDS plus shipping at my Etsy store, if you're interested!

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