Saturday, March 31, 2012

Couch to 5K - Week 1 Day 3

I DID IT!! I finished the first week, and with no injuries to speak of!!!

I had originally planned on doing the third day on Thursday, but made plans to go to my parents house and clean the hardwood floors of their downstairs. Yeah, that was enough of a workout, don't you think? Moving furniture, dust mopping, regular mopping, steam mopping, and THEN moving said furniture back into place. Friday was another bust, as my allergies were protesting my Thursday activities and I spent the majority of the day in a Benadryl coma. This morning, though, I decided nothing was going to stop me. I got up, had some coffee, did the dishes, threw my sheets in the washer, and hit the treadmill.

Today's workout was much easier for the first half. I also managed to job all 8 segments at 4.5MPH! For my cooldown I managed 3 minutes at 3MPH and the last 2 minutes at 2.5MPH. After I had completed the fist 6 jogging segments I was pretty sure I was going to die right then, but I kept pushing. Boy, am I glad I did! I'm dog tired now, but I'm SO happy with myself. I think, for a first week of a new program, I did pretty damn good.

Next week starts a 90 second jogs separated by 2 minute walks. Am I nervous? You betcha! Am I going to let it stop me? Hell, NO! I can already tell a huge difference in my energy level, even with my current stay in Allergy Hell I feel better, AND I've lost a pound and a half. Motivation, thy name is least in this case!

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