Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kelso Lace Cardigan

The Pattern! Kelso Lace Cardigan by Suzanne Frary.
I finally took the plunge! It's been just shy of 4 years since I added this pattern to my queue on Ravelry, and every year since I have looked longingly at it and thought to myself, "I need to find time to make this for myself." I could envision it with a great pair of jeans and boots. I could envision the color. What I couldn't envision was taking a time away from crafting for others to make something for ME.

Well, that's all changed now. I've been working my fingers raw on commission after commission for the better part of a year. I spend any free time I have away from commissions to build up my inventory for an upcoming arts & crafts show that I'm a vendor in. I'm rapidly burning out, and need something to revive my passion for fiber art.

The Yarn! KnitPicks CotLin DK in Pomegranate.
So, Sunday evening, when I perused my queue and saw this I jumped on it. I paid for and downloaded the pattern immediately, 'cause we all know that if you buy the pattern you're more likely to utilize've already made an investment! This morning I ordered the yarn quantity I need for the sweater. I went with KnitPicks CotLin DK in Pomegranate. The cotton/linen blend should give a beautiful drape to this sweater, and will prevent the stretching that so often occurs. To compensate for the lack of give in the yarn I'm planning on using the 0 negative ease option. Let's face it, the lovely lady lumps are going to need all the room they can get, anyways!

Now all I have to do is wait. *twitches* Which I can do...I think...maybe...if I stay busy for the next 5-14 business days. *chews lip*

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rocio castaneda said...

hello do u still have this pattern? its discontinued