Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Frustrated American

Dear Congress,

This morning, as I sat at the breakfast table with my son, I saw a story on our local news that was unbelievable in its absurdity. You see, it concerned you...and the job that you are NOT performing.  The story stated that there could, quite possibly, be a delay in American citizens' ability to file their 2012 tax returns. Not because there isn't enough money for the refunds. No, nothing that difficult to contend with. The reason for this was given as a failure on YOUR part to come up with an Alternative Minimum Tax.

To this I ask, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Do you really mean to tell me that I may not be able to file my taxes, receive money due my family, because you all can't agree on a measly minimum tax amount?! This is ridiculous. You are grown men and women. I don't care if Snuffleupagus is President. It's time to get it together. Pull up your big girl &/or boy panties, AND WORK TOGETHER.  From birth on we are taught to tolerate one another and work together for the greater good in this great country. I do not, for one second, believe that any of Congress missed out on these crucial lessons. You were elected to serve the citizens of this country. Personal pride has no part in that.

Say I give you all the benefit of the doubt. Say it's not a partisan issue at all, but that Congress is, truly, so out of touch with what is happening in this country that no one on Capitol Hill has the first clue what the Alternative Minimum Tax should be. I've got a solution for you. Take your various entourages and go to your local grocery store. I don't care which one...Wal-Mart, Kroger, Meijers, any store will do. Now comes the hard part. WATCH. Really see what is going on around you. See how many people are paying with EBT cards. Watch exhausted women stand in the aisle, perplexed and trying to match coupons to products...then compare them to the store brands to see which is cheaper. As for those that aren't paying with EBT cards, pay attention to what they are paying with. How many are using credit cards? How many cash, check, or debit cards? You see, Congress, the only way for you to know what the Alternative Minimum Tax should be is to be aware of the livelihoods  of your constituents.

When I was young I remember seeing our elected Senators and Representatives frequently. They showed up for parades. They were IN grocery stores to shake hands, kiss babies, and talk to the people that put them in their prestigious position. They viewed their jobs with respect, and acted accordingly. Your position, as I understand it, is to be a voice for the people you represent, is it not? How can you possibly do that, if you never TALK to the people to know what their voice is saying?


A Frustrated American

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