Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fare Thee Well, Mr. Fuzz E. Blanket (2000-2012)

Fuzz E. Blanket
Today shall live in infamy within our little family. Fuzz E. Blanket has been placed in storage. Fuzz E. has been an important part of our lives since February 27, 2000.

A gift from Papaw Warren given on Christmas Day, 1999, Fuzz E. Blanket was our youngest kiddo's first gift. He was thick, warm, vibrant, and fuzzy. Filled with the promise of protection of all sorts of things: from cold and snow to monsters and boo-boos. 

Our first hint as to how important Fuzz E. would become in our lives was when he covered the infant carrier on the frigid walk from the hospital doors to the warm car, as The Hubster and I left for home with our new bundle of joy. In the almost thirteen years that have passed he has seen Kiddo through nightmares too numerous to list, time outs that were always most unjust, and playground face plants that left behind blood and tears. Most recently, Fuzz E. was instrumental in seeing Kiddo successfully through a series of sleep studies, two naso-pharyngeal endoscopy, a tonsilectomy, and (what we like to call The Final Battle) a trip to Cincinnati for a Pharyngeal Flap Augmentation.
One Last Cuddle!
Early this morning, upon removing bedding for washing, it was discovered that Fuzz E. Blanket was missing. An extensive search showed him to be well hidden between the headboard and wall of Kiddo's bed, near the floor. It was obvious that Fuzz E. had been in this state for quite a period of time. Upon retrieval it was decided that, in order to preserve Fuzz E. and his precious memory, he would be put into storage after this one last washing.

Entering The Final Frontier
An hour and a half later, and after one last sniff and hug, Fuzz E. Blanket was placed in his protective shroud, and sent on to The Final Frontier (a.k.a., the cedar chest). While Kiddo is sad, and a little nostalgic, he has declared himself ready to move long as Fuzz E. Blanket can return to visit should the need ever arise.

Thank you for the love, care, and security you provided, Fuzz E. Blanket. You will be forever in these parents' debt!

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