Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today was a really good day for me. I was exhausted from all of the business of yesterday, so I treated myself to a jammie day. I did the bare necessities (i.e., vacuuming, feeding the critters, making the bed, Tai Chi, cooking), but other than that I took a shower, put fresh p.j.s on, curled up on the couch and knit. I'm sleepy now, so I probably could've used a little nap, but I'm so relaxed that I really can't imagine spending the day any way other than I did.

Of course, I still did some of my online work - broken up nicely by chatting with my gals on Skype. These 3 ladies (you know who you are!) are such a bright spot in my days, and I'm so blessed to have friends as wonderful as them. You all are making this journey SO much easier than it would be without you to lean on, and I love you all SO much!

Okay, now that I'm done being all sappy I'm off to set the table.

Hugs & chocolate!


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