Saturday, March 14, 2009

F-list <3!

I mentioned in this post about a week ago that I was making some stuff for an f-list giveaway on my LiveJournal account. Today is the day that I posted the giveaway, and that post is f-locked, but I thought I'd post here and show-off, er, I mean share what I made for them!

The core group of my f-list, including myself, are Twilight fans. It went without saying that the giveaway would be Twilight related this time around, what with the DVD coming out on March 21st. So I made a set of Twilight themed dishcloths, and threw in a Jasper bookmark and a little Tribble that I knit out of scrap yarn. There is a red apple, or forbidden fruit, that is the mark of the series as a whole. A white "Two Hearts as One", to symbolize Edward and the heart that he gave her. A turquoise swan for Bella, which is pretty self-explanatory as that is her last name. Lastly, I made a tan "Get A Clue" to represent Jacob, or at least his more beastly side. It wouldn't be a Twilight giveaway without touching on that infamous love triangle!

Well, that pretty much sums up my week in crafting. I'm torn between what to start next, a pair of socks, a hat, or some armwarmers. I'm debating right now, as all will come in handy soon when baseball practice starts for my 9-yo. Our oldest is taking a break from baseball this year, as he has just started his first job, so my time on the field will be cut a bit, but I'll still need some warm woolies until Spring finds its groove!

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