Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: Dream Smashers

Dream Smashers
Dream Smashers by Angela Carlie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dream Smashers, to sum it up in one word, is heartbreaking. A sad story of a girl trying to overcome the stigma of being an addict's child. Trying to figure out how to love, how to have faith, in a world that had denied her those very things.

The writing was solid, the pacing was decent, and the plot was deep. I enjoyed the story; however, the emotions that I have upon finishing this work are not so enjoyable. I'm an emotional basket case, feeling as though I'm on the verge of tears. As if I should cry for Autumn, just because she doesn't have anyone else to care enough to shed tears for her.

I wouldn't recommend this book if you're an empathetic soul, as I am. For those who can remain detached from the stories they read, however, I feel comfortable in telling you that it's not a book you will regret having read.

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