Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: The Fire of Merlin

The Fire of Merlin
The Fire of Merlin by Donna Hosie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This sequel to Ms. Hosie's Searching for Arthur is just as worthy of a read as it's predecessor. The Fire of Merlin picks up where the first book left off, and takes the reader through another whirlwind adventure. The original characters stay true, and the new ones that come along are just as well-developed and likable. The pacing is, once again, wonderful. The plot is filled with the same action, intrigue and mystery that captivated me from the start, with the perfect amount of romance thrown in to keep the reader in touch with their softer side.

Ms. Hosie has become a bit more descriptive in her introductions of new characters in this book, and although some were not for those with the weakest of stomachs - "grey matted hair", "brown stained teeth", and "The fingers were long and deathly page but the rest was covered in that horrible, glistening, dark green mould..." are but a few examples - I found them to be accurate portrayals of how a 17-year old girl would think to describe the new people who have entered her life.

This books brings with it falls from ivory towers, as well as new ones being erected for characters who would have never thought themselves to be heroes. There are battles, there is loss, there are new, oft-frightening, experiences had by all. It is a story of overcoming. Of striving to set things to rights. All culminating in a cliff hanger that left me slack-jawed and mentally screaming, "She ended it HERE?!?!"

The Spirit of Nimue is due for release this spring, as I've been informed, and you can bet that as soon as it is available my itching grabby hands will be holding it!

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